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Thanks for the advice!

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I'm new as well I have a hohner like mentioned i guess the other accordions play better? If i can play mine I guess a better quality won't be a problem

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HOHNER HA114.. preferably made in Germany..
make that ONLY made in Germany.

The older, the better.

Lots of great music has been made on these.

Veteran makers of "CAJUN" accordeons have used HOHNER parts... such as Shine Mouton.

Avoid ANY Chinese made accordeon. They are junk. Unplayable, unfixable trash with zero resale /trade value.

Get an older HA 114.

Fast, fun, cheap, light weight, easy to repair, lots of parts available..

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I thought you died

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Hello I assume the HA 114 is a model number? I have the arriete. It is kind of difficult after was able to play another friend acadian any thoughts on those models or should I stick with a HA 114?

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The Ariette is a ridiculous abomination and barely worthy of a Christian burial.

HA114 Hohners made in Germany are superb instruments compared to the Ariette which is not an accordion but an acoustic appliance best relegated to fuel for a BBQ.

Sadly, I am not dead.. just resting my eyes.

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The only thing dead around here is the site itself.

Obviously from an opiate overdose.

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