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Re: Video Challenge

Hey Jos,

I recall meeting back in 2012 at Balfa Camp in Ville Platte. Nice to see you again.

Jongle a Moi is one of my favorites, and I think you guys do it well. Good rhythmic feel and some pretty sporty accordion, too!

That's a pretty big band, so you either have to command a sizeable performance fee, or the players have to work cheap.


Re: Video Challenge

Hy Nedro,
Thanks for your reaction.
Back in 2012 I had a nice time over there...
As I said in my posting we’re just starting, and we’re mainly doing this for fun, most of us being
retired. So we’re still working on getting things right (rythm, vocal harmony, choice of tunes, ...).
We will see where this leads us into.
I’m considering attending Augusta in 2019, together with a few members of our band.
How are you doing? And how is bravenet doing? Looking at some postings it’s not looking positive...

Grts, Jos

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