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Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

I'll get you a contact in England. He has most everything for the Hohner HA114..
Be back.

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs


Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the link.. Yes I ordered a set of springs for the paddle button connection from Charlie of there.. also for the spoons.. I replaced all of the springs on the button side..

I find the spoon springs to be brittle and still broke after not too long. I used up the last one the other day.. I have adjusted the paddles and put foam under them where my fingers hit to help them hitting the box.. Seems to help I will find out soon.

thanks for the link

I still want to try safety pin OR might try winding them myself using piano wire for the bass side. I have to figure that out tho. Way back there was a post about making them. Forget who it was. sorry !!

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

I suggest going to the melodeon.net discussion group (not xenophobic) and open to all manner of diatonic boxes..
Ask your questions there.

I have an HA 112 in pieces... someone tried to modify the reed blocks and it is now FUBAR..

Are you in the states ?

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

No Im not in the States... Canada !

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