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Re: Accordion for sale

Jerry, I can see by the amount of views in the "recent post" option tab that people are checking out your comment about this accordion.

Can you give a little more information in this thread for those that don't want to email you. It's like putting an article in the newspaper that says "Red Truck For Sale". Come on man, it don't cost you extra for more words and letters on the bravenet. It's absolutely free! Why are you holding back on the info? Why all the secrecy and guardedness

What is the name brand, when was it built, what type of reeds and tuning does it have?
What color are the bellows, what length are they medium or long? How's the leather strapping over all, new and thick, or old, thin, and slippery? Are the buttons steel or pearl? Are the buttons rounded top, flat, or concave? How's the base block? Big and bulky or slim and sleek?

Is there something wrong with the accordion that he wants to sell it? Because people usually don't offer to sell "really good accordions." I wonder why that is?

Re: Accordion for sale

It’s sold

Re: Accordion for sale

I forgot to mention it has mitered cornors

Re: Accordion for sale

my bad I did mention it lmao

Re: Accordion for sale

Got Dam mitered corners. LOL

Re: Accordion for sale

Just to let you know the owner of this accordion contacted me about his purchase. He’s excited and loves it. I sold this for the builder and I didn’t have to post a long list of features. I was able to do that because I know what I am talking about and I don’t need to over sell it.

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