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Re: Les Veuves de la Coulée

Ganey Arsement used to have a video of it but I can't find it. What version are you wanting to play? Some play it in second position (key of G on a C accordion), and some play in 1st position (C on a C) accordion. Most versions are in 2nd position. Marc Savoy's version with Cheese Read is in 1st position.

Re: Les Veuves de la Coulée

Link #2 is Ganey at the Liberty Theatre in Eunice.
Not a good view at the right hand :-(
But maybe you cabn do something with the sound.

Re: Les Veuves de la Coulée

There's a YouTube of Lyle Guidry below that's okay -- a bit better than the Ganey / Liberty Theater one in terms of right hand view, and maybe a little easier to pick out the accordion (it's just accordion + acoustic guitar), but it seems to have been recorded as the sun was setting (gets darker over the course of the video) and it's not something you can really work off. Still, I like his version of the song.

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