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Re: Discussion!

Born and raised in south Louisiana! I've been listening to Cajun music my whole life (against my will as a kid). Been playing the accordion for something like 7 or 8 years on and off, and it was only when I started playing the accordion that I started to find my own appreciation for the music. But, like I said, it was in my ears from the time I was born, so even though I basically taught myself to play, I find myself pulling licks and phrases from various players. And actually when I started playing the accordion, I was playing reggae and blues mostly, zero Cajun. Then, one day my grandpa said "hey why don't you learn some Cajun music on that thing". Sounded like the right thing to do (I mostly always listened to my grandpa), so I did and haven't looked back since.

Heh, sorry for the long spiel, but as I said I like to talk.

Have a great day everyone! :v: :smile:

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