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Re: Left hand

Search on this forum for "bass side" and you will find information about it.
It's easy for some and difficult for others.
Play simple melody "Mary had a little lamb" and try to play your left hand.

Thanks to Jim :slightly_smiling_face:

There's more on youtube :relaxed:

Thanks Jerry :blush:

Re: Left hand

This one from Ganey is also good to look at :-)

Re: Left hand

Thanks, Meloderon. It's been so long,. It would help me remember, if you told me your first name. For well over a decade, I remember fleeting accordion ponderings, between the two of us. It's good, to at least hear your thoughts in 2019

Re: Left hand

. It's still
the Peach color, that I've remembered since 2003.Haven't been here in 7 years

I was a 23 y.o then. Now I'm 40. I never put the boxes dow. W/ vids there was a Youtube problem, that deleted a lot, way back to last may. Vids, gone is par, for the course.

Re: Left hand

Llyde, I'll help u learn on Skype. The free video stuff is great, so I'm not looking forNOmoney. If you lived my non-life, by 40 you have to find Kin-Folk, as it were/is.

Re: Left hand

Jim you are still one of the best players that I have seen on here. Glad to see that you are still keeping up with the box.

Re: Left hand

Jim I would like to try that. Right now I’m away from home visiting family. I’ll be back home mid January. Maybe we could connect then.

Re: Left hand

Jim, my first name is Ron :-)
It's allways good to hear from you on this forum and to look at your video's with your dad.
I agree with Randy completely :relaxed:
I hope all is well with you.

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