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Re: Lets See If You Have Soul

Greezy McGill
How bout the Cajun Fugitive? Can you adlib it just as easily with a
"C" accordion key of "G" AKA>>(on the pull)AKA>>(in the fifth)
But wait....Is that a switch to a "D" accordion key of "A" at the end there? LOL, he's not playing the accordion for this one.

And then there's "Je Brailler Pour Toi". (I cried for you.) A little more difficult to play, but the same concept applies. These recordings were done before Belton started to get tricky and started to play and record on odd key accordions, in odd keys of play. Looking to make his mark with his new and original style and sound.

"C" accordion key of "C" AKA>>(on the push) AKA>>(on the one)

Oh! And "I'm Not A Fool" Even harder still to play along with because he's singing in the Key of "D". AKA>>(on the two). I wonder why he's not playing his "C" accordion in the "Blues Key" of "D" on this one?....Hmmmmm. Not a single accordion note, but you can still follow with your "C" accordion if you know how to play in IT'S "Blues Key".
I see your still at it , eh !!!!

Re: Lets See If You Have Soul

Yes! Beautiful, and simple melodic lines! Easy to play. Hardly any ornamentation or cranky chank going on.
I love this type of Cajun music. Also great vocal lines to accompany the accordion.
You can let your band members play the fancy stuff!

Re: Lets See If You Have Soul

Why yes WilyWonk, I'm still at it. Exposing the tricks of the Master's hands for anyone who is willing to try it, or understand such concepts.

John Morris.....right on brother!

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