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Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

On the CD Les clefs de la prison they play "mostly" in the key of A or D and
I think they play on a D accordion.
There's also a waltz in which they use a C accordion.
If Randy(I love all he did for Cajun music) can sing one octave higher
than most people there's no problem with the instruments ;-)
Only others who want to sing as high as Randy have a problem I guess.
The pro's know more I hope :relaxed:

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

They play a lot in C# I think. I went to Festival Acadiens this year and that's the key that they were playing in.

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

I look at some live gigs and your right about C# and sometimes maybe in G#
I also listen again to the CD and that's More D and A
Also a waltz in G
Very special what they do at gigs, and Blake uses a special tuned accordion (maybe)
It makes me curious :-)

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

Blake uses his C# accordion. I can't believe they actually make those!

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