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Re: Festival Acadien Waltz

Here is a few changes with explanation

Oh mes cher amis
Vien donc nous rejoind au Parque Girard (the park where they hold Festival Acadien in Lafayette)
Au Festival Des Acadien
Ayou les Cadien vien pour s’amuser

Oh mes cher amis
Vien donc nous rejoind tout Septembre (They use to hold it in September but moved it to October because of the heat)
La plus belle place dan la Lousiane
Au Festival Des Acadien

Re: Festival Acadien Waltz

All of that makes a lot more sense. Thanks, Josh!

I went to Girard Park back in October for the festival. I had a good time. I brought my accordion and jammed with Sheryl Cormier, Jimmy Breaux, Drew Simon, and Jesse Legé.

While I was jamming with Drew Simon, he mentioned that he took the Crawfish Festival Waltz song and wrote Festival Acadien Waltz. He just had to change some of the words. Then, he also said that the very first year that they had the festival, they had it in March. But then, they moved it to September. Then, he told me that they moved it down to October because it was too hot.

Re: Festival Acadien Waltz

Thanks Josh, that's great.

I couldn't hear that if I'm listen to the CD version.
In the booklet that come with the CD they wrote that this waltz was based
on La Valse du Jamboree which was written by Octa Clark.
I have that version on a LP Ensemble Encore
What they sing is for me to difficult :-)

Re: Festival Acadien Waltz

Thank you, Josh! (and Meloderon)

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