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Merci Christian for the tip on that DVD. I just ordered a copy. As for Shultze gets the Blues, I loved it and will see it again. When he first hears that Accordion riff on the radio and it changes his life, well, that is it for me. Hasn't that happened to us all at some point. Plus, there is so much going on in that movie that you miss the first time. Shultze is such a nice guy. And he resists the low life rascists and triumphs in his own way. I just wish he had stayed in that dancehall a little longer and waited for the woman to bring him the beer. I guess he should have payed attention in english class when he was in school. Sort of like me. Now I wish I studied my french like I should have instead of buying the english translations so I could pass the courses.

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Jean-Pierre Bruneau who made that film is the one who had made the "Haricots Sont Pas Salés" LP in the 70's.

I have not seen "Schultz..." but what you and others have written about it makes me feel like seeing it. Thanks, I have put it on my list for next time I go to my record store.


Where was the dancehall located?

Hey Braves,
Does anyone know where the dancehall is located, the one that Schulze walked to in the movie?...curious

Re: Where was the dancehall located?

It's Bourque's Club in Lewisburg, not far from Opelousas.

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