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Re: Ray Abshire's New Cd

I'm with you - another great CD by Ray. Listen to his take on Eunice Two Step - it seems totally unique and almost unrelated to other versions I've heard. Very cool to hear.

Re: Ray Abshire's New Cd

This new CD is excellent in every way. Andre Michot lays down strong rhythm lines, Courtney Granger sings on 5-6 tunes, Courtney and Kevin share the fiddle role, and Ray's playing radiates energy and passion, likewise his singing. They take Allons a Lafayette out of what I've heard as the traditional key of C and play it in G. Setting that tune in a "pull" key dramatically changes the melodic line and rhythm parts. I've heard zydeco bands cross tunes from a push to a pull key ("Why you wanna make me cry" comes to mind) but I'm not used to hearing a Cajun band try this. And I agree that their version of Eunice is unique, especially Ray's turn. He is the master of flow. Their Acadian Two Step flies!

Re: Re: Ray Abshire's New Cd


Thanks for the recommendation. Courtney Granger has an outstanding voice. I heard the guy sing at Balfa Camp -- they guy can do Cajun and then switch flawlessly to George Jones.

When is that guy gonna record a new album?

Nick B.

Re: Re: Ray Abshire's New Cd

I believe the original recording of "Allons a Lafayette" was done in the second position ( key of "G" on a "C" accordion. I have heard it played that way before, but not very often.

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