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Re: Cajun Accordian

I have to say without a shadow of a doubt to go with a "C" box. "C" boxs are the standard at jam sessions, instructional classes and videos. Nodoubt about it, you want to start off with a "C" box.

Re: Re: Cajun Accordian

Is it possible to chage the C accordian to a b flat one..or get it modified..and not purchase a new one...

P.S. Will stick to the C to learn as I like the tradition accordians..

Re: Cajun Accordian

"Will it be any need to purchase a b flat in the future or can I stick with the C...Just wondering. Do most band used the b flat...just wondering...I know it sounds like a stupid question...But understand I am just a beginner asking question to learn."

I'd have to say no there is no need to purchase a b flat. A "C" is all you need to play traditional Cajun music. Even though a song may have been recorded in a "D" or b flat it can still be played using a "C", it'll just be in a differnt key than the original recording. Now later if you decide you want to expand your horizons then you can move on to a "D" or b flat.

Re: Re: Cajun Accordian

Bb is primarily used for zydeco. C is used for zydeco too. That I know of, there's not much cajun music done with a Bb.

Whoever told you accordions were moving from C to Bb was likely only thinking of one genre, zydeco, and probably confusing zydeco with cajun.

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