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Re: Re: Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

I was addressing that comment to Scott, not you.

You were simply asking a question. Now I see that I got my subjects mixed up in the middle of my post.

Sorry for my confusion.

You did not get your panties in a twist like Scott did though. That was where I was directing that.

My comments about house rules were tongue in cheek. Its perfectly ok to ask questions like that here. Well, in my opinion anyway. I don't run the board.

What I was doing was just an "insider" poking a bit of fun at a new person. You passed the "test", even if it was to just ignore my comments (a wise action in most instances).

Welcome to the board, for what its worth.


Re: DORIAN accordion

Although I said I wouldn't post any more, let me finally cap this whole thing off:

I take no offense at all, I was just doing a little poking and proding myself
Hey Dwight: ooops, wrong target, sorry. I now can appreciate your original posting. Of course, you're more of an instigator than I am, though I do tend to take longer to get to the point.

Coachpk - I think Dwight was talking about me, not you, when he mentioned selling. I think we all understood you to be inquiring, purchasing or not, about the Dorian.

Okay, everyone take a calming breath, a sip of a holiday cocktail, and lets all go to our happy places. Try to have a some fun.

There. Now I'm really, really done.

Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

Friends? (that's the closest icon I could find to a handshake).

Re: DORIAN accordion

Panties untwisted

Jambalaya Boogie

LOL. Its amazing what some holiday libation will do to your undergarments.

I can't find mine.

In a change of subject, while its on my mind, I want to direct people's attention to an interesting track I have on a cd I have (Bayou Rockabilly Cats, published by ACE). Yves knows about this one.

Track 3 is "Jambalaya Boogie", by Eddie Shuler and his band (forgot the name). Its sung in French, with pretty much the same melody line as "French Rocking Boogie" by Shirley Bergeron.

Its a swing tune, but dancers might like it.

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