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Re: Jai Passe on Radioactive G Hohner


Strangely enough as I was putting the finishing touches in my new kitchen, and at the same lessening on a repeat to Al Berard & Errol Verret sweet version of "J'ai passe devant ta porte ", I decided to take a brake, and read some of the posting on this board and yours came up.
I have to say that I have heard this old classic played in a lot of different ways and speed.
Myself I play it as a slow Irish Air,Musette,or Cajun style.

Nice playing Jim, very enthousiastic!.

BTW who tuned the Hohner?


Re: Re: Jai Passe on Radioactive G Hohner

Not bad at all Jim! It's nice to hear someone do that little turn or B part...I guess you could call it that. Alot of people I know have never even heard that little part played and just look at me like I stepped off a UFO when I play it on the bandstand.


Re: Re: Re: Jai Passe on Radioactive G Hohner

Claude.... It's how these model Hohners usually come tuned. I personally think it's not the prettiest sound, but my goal this month is to record 2 or 3 songs on every accordion I've got. I like the growl of this low G box, that's one thing that sets it apart.

John.... Yeah, alot of people don't do that turn I have also noticed. I give Marc Savoy credit for that one!

Thanks for the input friends

Re: Jai Passe on Radioactive G Hohner

"... well Dick, it has a great beat and I can really dance to it. I would go out and buy it. I give it a solid ..."

(comments overheard on a recent American Bandstand with Dick Clark about the recent release of Jim Pettijohn's much anticipated 'J'ai Passe' devant la porte')


Re: Re: Jai Passe on Radioactive G Hohner


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