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Re: Re: last line

thanks, the ann savoys version will do just fine. now if i can get my do re mes together i will try and sing while i play, that should be fun.

Ossun Two Step in French too?

Thanks a lot neal.

Do you happen to have Ossun Two Step in French too?


Re: Ossun Two Step in French too?

Which Ossun Two Step? One is by Amede Ardoin and it's instrumental. Another is by Joe Falcon but I thought it was called just Ossun. Another instrumental is by Lawrence Walker and others, though on the Lawrence Walker 45 it was called Opelousas Two Step.

I don't have the lyrics to the Joe Falcon version.

Re: Re: Ossun Two Step in French too?

I'm not sure which version. I thought I had heard a version with lyrics, so I assume it was the Falcon one.

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