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Cajun Accordion Teachers Near Tampa

Sorry Leon ~ I don't know of any Cajun accordion teachers in this area. In fact, the only Cajun accordion player who plays reasonably well who lives in this neck of the woods (IMO) is Greg Taillon of Orlando who performs with The Porchdogs.

I started a search for a teacher about 7 years ago or so. Met Gentry McCauley, Cory McCauley's brother (Cory is an EXCELLENT traditional player) in the process, but never found anyone to help me out. Greg Taillon has too many irons in the fire to do any teaching on a regular basis, but offered to sit down with me sometime and show me a few tricks. Never got to the point where I took him up on it.

If YOU ever find a teacher in Central Florida, be sure to post it here!

Re: Cajun Accordion Teachers Near Tampa

Will do and Thank You for the reply

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