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oh. i get it. it;s not an instructional cd..

oh. i get it. it;s not an instructional cd..


Re: oh. i get it. it;s not an instructional cd..

I visited Marc last Saturday morning (after getting my party on at Fred's) and I complimented Marc on such a great CD (the best accordion playing ever recorded, imho). He's such a wonderfully strange character. He was quick to say, in a very pointed way, it was time for him cut a CD that got back to the roots... "it was time to take off all the Cool Whip and get down the cake" he said. I mentioned the Eb key all over the disc and he confirmed that it has that "ol' time sound." I agree. I love to hear a Cajun box in the upper registers Eb - F and particularly wet tuned. I can smell cracklins frying and roux simmering with a sound like that!

Marc does such a stellar job on his latest disc. If you like that one, pick up another one of his titled, "Made In Louisiana." Same bare-bones accordion extravaganza.

Re: Re: Here Are The Tracks & Keys For Marc Savoy's New CD

Well he and a lot of other people may have thought that the songs recorded sounded better in the keys he used. I don't know as I have yet to buy it. Just my humble opinion

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