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Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

I hear ya, Nonc. I spent a couple of years looking like the dude on the sofa in the Riley Teaser! Then one day I woke up after snoozing on that same sofa and BINGO! Well, Steve didn't show up at the door, but the frogs started working... top & bottom. They kept me from having to tap my feet so much! (add that to multi-tasking of playing and singing!)

Keep at it -- don't let goat of the potato! "baaaah!"


Re: Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

Don't let goat... nah, I hear ya Rick

Say looky here, I was checking out that mosquito site of yours... pretty good. Ms. Linda and I have a couple hatchlings that live over your way ( Ft. Worth and Dallas). Next time we go to visit, I will look you up and we can do a whammy on that accordion business.

I appreciate what ya have going on there.

Nonc Dave

Re: Re: Re: Re: Screwed up arm - I going goofy folks

You betcha -- and thanks for the props! And YES! Ms. Christine and I would love to throwdown a BBQ with you, Nonc! Just give us a heads-up. I love your posts in this forum! Heck, I can be as goofy as a wooden wristwatch! Cheers ~~ Rick

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