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Thanks Roger

Doc's in my mind for all the best hopes and wishes, please let him know it Roger.

Also...Tell Jesse that I will never be as old as him, and never quite as ugly either!
He needs to come and get these dang dogs for that auction thing .. give em hell Roger.
I appreciate ya.

Check is in the mail.

Best..... Dave

Re: Benefit Dance in NY for Doctor Romo

Sorry to hear about that bad news Roger. My thoughts are with you. How bout tell Jesse I said hay.


Kicking and playing in B Flat

Hey, Doctor Romo here:
I am totally overwhemed by the e mails, cards, letters, and calls I've received from friends, family, and people I don't even know. I guess I knew there was a lot of love out there but there is nothing like feeling it this strong. I am humbled and appreciate everyone's love and support. Thank you all so much.

Here is the deal up to the minute report. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Feb. 2006 and have undergone three surgeries. The tumor was removed but part of it was mixed in with healthy brain tissue. I found out today that I will have to have chemo therapy for one week every month for a year. But the good news is that there is a good chance that this will be effective. I'm not doing a Cajun two step yet, but I'm working on the Mamou waltz. By the way, the removal of the tumor left my right leg partally numb but I've been practicing the waltz nevertheless and if you don't look too closely, you just may think I'm doing my own version of the Mamou 2 step. Thanks to everyone for their love and support. Thank you Roger and Buffy for organizing the benefit. I am so touched by this. And yes, I am playing a few songs in B flat on the piano accordion only because I like those black keys. Hope to stay in touch and see everyone soon. Love to all: Romo (Doctor)

Re: Kicking and playing in B Flat

Doc... man I am sitting here ready to cry and thanking God for you posting this message.

Gonna be alright my friend, I believe that.
Good thoughts, and I am without many words at this moment. Stay strong.

Dave Mason

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