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Re: Drinking Beer in the Morning

Gahd! That's greatness! Wish I were there to keep you up messing with your campfire and making you shoot tequila wid me. Eatin' some pork shoulder at 3AM and telling jokes. You should come to Dallas sometime, brutha.

Beer is made to drink in the AM, captain. Trust me. If ain't cold, pour it over a cup of ice and repeat. Coffee is fer whimps... unless it's CDM wid some dat whisky off in it. C'est bon, breaux...


Re: Re: Drinking Beer in the Morning

god bless ya and a big Amen!!

I used to pour Strohs beer on my Wheaties...

because the bottle said it was cereal drink.


PS-- And as you tilted your head back with a bottle of Strohs to your lips, you would see that you were reading the brand name, backwards...shortS.

Re: Re: Drinking Beer in the Morning

I take it you've never had Mello Joy coffee .
Now that there is some coffee yeah!

Re: Re: Drinking Beer in the Morning

Sounds like yall ready to join Zydeholics Anonymous.

Its a 2-step program.

Re: Re: Re: Drinking Beer in the Morning

Dwight, that is hilarious!!!


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