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Re: hello all again and by the way matt o quain

Hey Aaron,
I was looking forward to tuning into KRVS for your set at the Liberty the other night, but the show was preempted for thr Festival International broadcast. How did it go?


Re: Re: hello all again and by the way matt o quain

joe it went great as well as planned i guessed. This is the feedback I got though. "aaron, your band sounded better than Kevin Naquins because it has that cajun dancehall beat that everyone can dance to", said a woman from the audience. "you put so much feeling in your accordian playing its like your into another world", said a woman snapping photo shots of me for a cajun music magazine of some sort back stage after I played. "You look stoned out your mind when you are playing them two steps boy", says Joe Romero who was the bass player that night in my band.

Re: Re: Re: hello all again and by the way matt o quain

By the sounds of it I'm guessing they'll have you back & I can catch you next time.


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