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Southern Comfort Opinions?

I know I should just sit back and enjoy a movie without being critical of its lack of facts, but I cant help myself. As a fireman and former marine, every movie I see about either is hoaky and way too hollywoodish (except the first half of full metal jacket), facts only work in documentaries I guess.

Same with what I have seen of movies set in Louisiana. I just recently saw Southern Comfort and it kind of got under my skin. The reason I got it was to see why people were always asking me if all cajuns were like that. I have a feeling Dewey and Mark would not have done their cameo appearance if they had seen the final product first, they were the best part of the movie. The bad thing was, the movie came out at a time when few people outside of La knew anything about cajuns, so that was their measuring stick.

Some things were actually, I would think, correct. Most people (anywhere) stealing someones boat and shooting at them and otherwise tinkering with their homes and livelyhood stand a very good chance of being shot. But the underlying message left me a sick feeling. If you havent seen it in a long time, go get it and let me know what you think. If I had seen when I was young, I probably would have thought it was cool.

I am curious what people from outside of La think of the movie. Any opinions?

Re: Southern Comfort Opinions?

Southern Comfort is a movie I've watched, literally, a hundred times or more. It's the boucherie scene that I love the most -- and the fact that most of it was filmed on Pine Island on Caddo Lake in East TEXAS! Shhhh.... Caddo Lake is one of my favorite places to visit -- only 2 1/2 hrs from the DFW Monsterplex. I have a friend, a guy named David Applebaum, who is a guide on Caddo, and was part of the filming crew. David's golden retriever is seen barking and jumping around in the boucherie scene.

So naturally, I love the scenery in Southern Comfort. I agree with Bryan, there's little to analyze in fact. I do like the characters, Spencer, Hardin, Reese, Stucky, Cribs, Casper, and of course, The Trapper. I've been known to quote lines from the movie in casual settings, much to the chagrin of any woman I've ever dated! They just roll their eyes and shake their heads. BUT, I could be hung up on worse movies (and things) like some of my buds... when was the last time someone at a party started quoting dialogue from the frickin' Holy Grail. (Pleeeze, let's not go there, mk?!)

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Re: Southern Comfort Opinions?

What little I saw of Southern Comfort reminded me of Deliverance. Neither one portrayed the residents as they really are. Well, maybe with the exception of the kid playing the fiddle on the porch. Kind of reminds me of someone I once saw in the Tampa area. Now the first half of Full Metal Jacket is in a different league. You ain't never been to hell until you graduate from PI or San Diego and know there ain't nothing on this earth worse or harder.
Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine. Or Once a Cajun, ALWAYS a Cajun.
Semper Fi!

Re: Southern Comfort Opinions?

Well, Southern Comfort was the first time ever I heard Cajun music, and it blew me away !

If the movie had not included the music, I may not be writing this :-)

I have always thought the movie beeing an awful B-movie, if it haven't been for the last ten minutes ( with the cajun music). I taped it from TV a couple of yeard ago, but I only saved the music part.

/Gunnar in Sweden

The best thing to come out of Southern Comfort

There's a Rolling Stone article on Ry Cooder from years ago in which Dewey Balfa said that after he lost his brothers Will and especially Rodney, he almost gave up music entirely. But when Ry Cooder, the musical director of the film, had him play in the movie, his spirit picked up and he continued to perform another dozen years. So, in a way, that film was important to the continuation of traditional Cajun music.

They don't often get Cajuns right in the movies. David Straithairn does a good accent in Passion Fish. And Adam Hebert is playing in the background of a Charles Bronson-James Coburn picture, Hard Times. I think there is a Nathan Abshire song in the Paul Newman movie The Drowning Pool.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Louisiana movie...

This should start you on the right foot: NFB, National Film Board of Canada. when you do a search on their site, type in "Acadian exile",as they have 2 long documentaries on the subject.
Then there is the CBC. witch is the Canadian Broadcasting tv in Canada and witch has done "many" documentaries on the subject.
Enjoy your search, at lest this is a good start I hope.


Re: Louisiana movie...

IF you are looking for good cajun music in a movie, get BELIZAIRE THE CAJUN, good stuff

Re: Re: Louisiana movie...

I have never seen that movie, I need to.

J'été Au Bal has some good music also.

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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