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Re: static

Los Lobos often includes accordion as part of the band sound; Subdudes sometimes us it as the lead instrument; Oyster Band out of Wales really rocks out on the accordion with strong Celtic underpinnings...

Accordion shows up as a backing instrument on a zillion Nashville recordings, and Bruce Springsteen's "Seeger Sessions" group has an accordion on the road now. I'd say there's nothing really stopping somebody from using an accordion in as a lead instrument in all kinds of music, especially with a 3-row or piano accordion where you've got more flexibility on keys and chords.

The commercial success of such a venture is, or course, highly speculative...

Re: static

Far as I know, the accordion is still Eustace Ledet, son of Roland Ledet. Roland participates on this board from time to time. Eustace is a great player.

Re: Re: static

no i heard it is someone else now no longer rolands sun

Re: static

The drummer for Static is Bill Ney. I know him. His nephew is now the accordion player. I'll find out his name and get back to you. We're playing June 2nd if you're interested

Re: Re: static

Bill's nephew is Garret "Possum" Judice.

Re: static

Das him...thanks Ganey

Re: Re: static

Been knowing Possum since he was about four years old pulling on a little blue Chinese box. He is a monster player and seems completely in his element with that genre.

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