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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

You're in the loop, mon ami de Texas!
What a riotous triumvirate we would be!


Re: Re: Re: Natchitoches Louisiana - any one know about it?

You know there's always the deep shady veranda all around, high ceilings, and 2-foot thick walls of bousillage to consider...


I've heard of walls with ears..... Hair? Yep, could happen


That's interesting about that bousillage insulation thing.

I recall going to the barbershop in my Pops home town when I was a boy (young smart eleky teen type that I was). This old barber was pushing about 95 on the life meter and was still clipping hair! Same barber all those years from when Pop was kid. Naturally, Pop got a hair cut from him, with me watching every move of that barbers hand (never saw anyone that old cut hair). That hand wabbled like he was in a siesmic San Francisco earth quake; some old timer palsy type'a thing that could put a dandy vibrato on and accordion (if he played that is).

When it came time to lather Pop up and trim around the ears with a straight razor... I sat there and wondered how in gods earth, I was gonna explain my dad having no ears.

Bottom line: That old barber (so he said), had swept up hair all those years and filled his walls with it as insulation. A lice could think he died and went to heaven if he ever got in that mess.

So Anyhow: Pop got nicked a good one by that Barber... When he was done, he asked if I wanted to jump up in the chair and get trimmed up... There was'nt time for that man to ask me twice! I found the coming and going door to that joint faster than you know who could get the news... Back at the car, Pop says 'what the heck got hold of you son' "Well, your old and tough Pop, and I am young and tender, I figured if that old shakey barber could cut through your hide, I would'nt stand a chance getting out'a there without some kind'a major damage!"
We laughed a good one and went bass fishing in Sager creek the rest of the day... No scars on me from that true episode.

Hair and mud... insulation.. hummmm I suppose.

Nonc D

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