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Re: Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

I have eaten (very good food) there and enjoyed the music and fun. The music is not the high energy thing the younger Cajun musicians are doing today, but is the real stuff that was played at house dances decades ago. I know i grew up with an accordion player, my Dad. Something for visitors to La to experience if they have an interest in the Cajun culture. And most of the musicians speak the Cajun dialect.


Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

How is Bubba's known for its lack of service?

Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Best boudin and boudin balls are in Opelousas, Billy and Ray's

Re: Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's

Yeah, but which Billy's or Ray's?

I usually ask for Ray's... Billy's is spicier (hotter) but not as good as Don's in Carencro.


Best boudin I've ever had ~ and I've sampled it from lots of places ~ was being sold at a Cajun French Music Association dance/fundraiser held at the Yambilee Buiding in Opelousas. I still wonder where they got it from...

Re: Boudin

All this talk about Boudin has made me hungry for some and the only thing I have to eat for dinner tonite is chicken and homemade sausage gumbo!

Re: Boudin

That boudin is always donated from Bubba Frey at the Mowata Store. He is also a member of the CFMA and very good friends of Claudia Wood and Harry LaFleur (who was the founder of the organization. In fact he studied under Harry when learning to play the fiddle.

Re: My Saturday Night Experience...Bubba Frey's


Yeah, really enjoyed your set at The Liberty.
Good sound balance both vocally and with instruments.

It was Sunday morning here in Australia when we started streaming via KRVS and you came through loud and clear.

Hope to hear you again some time...
Darryl, Australia.

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