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Re: A Bb to try out.

Hey Bryan,
You plannin' on coming in for the Festival at the park?? If so, gimme a holler. If not, next time you come in for the weekend, we should meet up. Maybe jam a little. Cecil called me to go check out that Bb day before yesterday. Looking forward to pullin' on it.

Re: Re: A Bb to try out.

Anyone knows how much they were asking for and what brand it was?
I'm considering getting a Bb.

Re: Re: Re: A Bb to try out.

Maz! The brand is "Swallow" made by Cecil at Floyd's Record Shop in Ville Platte. I'd call or email the shop to find out more... or we can wait for someone to chime in who owns one -- like Joey Guillory.


Re: Re: Re: A Bb to try out.

Heck, I didnt even think to ask him what he charges. Call the shop and talk to Cecil. He's a nice guy to talk to.

Re: Re: Re: A Bb to try out.

Maz, the store website is on link #3, there is a general email on the website. And the store phone number is 337-363-2138.

Re: Re: Re: Re: A Bb to try out.

Merci mon cher!

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