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Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

I hope to build Cajun accordions in the near future. Used to work for an accordion repair guy, but never learned the finer details of making them. I hope to stay in LA this fall and work for Jr. Martin for a while, this way I can learn a bit form him, and get a better look at his jigs, and learn more about how to set up shop. I have considered buying parts, but it's probably a waste, as I am better off building a few under the guidance of someone else before I spend several grand on bellows, reeds, etc....

Re: Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

now just ever cooyon just caint say he gona build a acordionn you got to no somthin about what you are buldin no ole jr migt not higer you if he knows you mite put him out of buzzness--teebooger

Re: Free LA handmade accordion...


Try this site. This fellow took the plunge.



Re: Free LA handmade accordion...

wher can we buy tickes for the raffel--teebooger

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