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Re: Huh?

Just show copies of his posts to his Profs. They'll applaud his "kreaduve rightin'" -- he'll advance to an early graduation and be forced to work for a living. He'll then have money to buy a good used Chinese box in C. He'll then be forced to post legitimate questions about accordions and songs like the rest of us.


Re: Re: Huh?

Might be a Prof.

Re: hey yall ok

I like him. His speech is an easier puzzle to figure out than that wooden box.

Re: Re: hey yall ok

Yeah, that's true! The Booger is a Proud and Loyal LSU fan, Coonass and Cajun. Born and bred, his family for generations, in southern Louisiana. Don't know why he hasn't picked up the wooden box. But apparently his boy Raymond plays tee-fer in a band -- or perhaps he's just in need to sound the dinner bell when Mama's taters are on the table.


Re: Re: Re: hey yall ok

wach that coonass stuf we do go for it heer why do folks get upsit when i talk heer i try to hepl you yung folk heer that the probulm yall dont want to heer what the old pleple say call me dunk dumbs and so forft you should sall be ashmed them ones who talk dirt about us--teebooger

why? because you a phony.

It's because you are a phony - somebody might talk like that, but it doesn't work when it's written out. It is a nice try at parody, but it is so obviously fake that it ends up not being funny at all.

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