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Bonsoir Catin Bassist

That would be Yvette Landry, who also plays bass with the Lafayette Rhythm Devils.

Re: Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

Marc Savoy is a true legend and one of the proudest Acadians I've ever had the pleasure to meet (on a few separate occasions). He's an interesting guy with a very gifted family -- in all apsects. You never know what his topic of the day is going to be, but he's gonna have one and you'll be enthralled and at times possibly rubbed the wrong way. Nevertheless a captivating guy -- and Ann is a real charm!

Check the website link #3 for a photo of my last visit!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

Just a comment- I found Marc Savoy to be a very cordial guy when I visited the Savoy Music store in Eunice during the N.O. Jazzfest a few years ago.
I walked in unannounced and to my surprise Marc was right at the counter. Also, to my surprise he was ready to repair my Acadian accordion on short notice.
He picked the accordion up and played a few casual runs to check it out that sounded amazing to me. I didnt play the accordion myself while in the store, and I think he was intrigued...
he asked me "Do you play?" I assured him I did, but even though I had played in a band in Vt for 10 years, I was glad not to play after hearing the great runs he tossed off on my accordion.
He did scold me a little for the ridiculous soft case I had the accordion in, but that was warranted. Anyway,I found him to be very courteous to a stranger(me). Maybe I caught him at a good time,
or he liked the fact that I didnt rave about my playing (for good reason!)

Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

Well we are back from Louisiana and I have to say that we had a great time eating gumbo and pickin and grinnin. We went Saturday morning to the jam at Savoy Music Center and man was it a blast. Marc Savoy played with us there and told me the banjo really fit well in their music. The room was crowded and almost everyone had an instrument and it really sounded good. Marc, Ann and their son Wilson who has the Pine Leaf Boys all played with us. Marc and me exchanged some accordion/banjo jokes that neither of us had heard each other's jokes before. He was really nice to me and Mike who played the bass for them. I got some great video and a digital recording that is so cool that I'm going to turn into a jamming cd to practice with like I do at our bluegrass jams. I really used this as a learning experience and tried to get the most out of it. Oh yeah got a cool t-shirt while I was there! If you folks are ever around the Eunice/Opelousas area on a Saturday morning between 9 and 12 you need to stop in for some fun, music, boudin and cracklins at the Savoy Music Center. Bruce Weeks

Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

Good for you Bruce.

Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

Bruce, I don't know if you'll get this, but I wanted to say thanks for posting about your good time at the jam. I'm happy to hear your very positive report. It's great that you got my dad's good side and enjoyed yourself. I'm also happy you to the opportunity to film while you were there, and that you had the nerve to bring out your banjo. I've seen people bring in lots of different instruments (even bagpipes) and play along, and it really adds a lot. I think, afterall, that that's what a jam is all about.

Cheers, and maybe I'll see you there one day,


Re: Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

me i got some moods too he aint nobetter tham me teebooger do they drank ther

Re: Re: Re: Finally going to go to Savoy Music Center Jam

"Hey, whoz pickin the banjer here?" lol (Deliverance)the whistling guy.

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