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Re: Re: Sam Bros

Where can I get the video, and does it show enough of him playing to help you play the song?

I have the same LP. Arhoolie. "Zydeco Vol. 1".

Re: Re: Re: Sam Bros

"Zydeco Nite And Day" -- I've got it on VHS and had if for many years. I think it's "Nite" or it might be "Night" whatever. It's a very good movie; granted it's a bit antiquated, but nevertheless with guys like Ambrose Sam on it, it's a gem. It doesn't really focus a great deal on Ambrose's playing long enough to catch what he's doing, but if you can rewind a slow-mo it, betcha you can figure it out. I'd check louisianamusicfactory.com to see if they have it -- or can order it. R!CK

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sam Bros

Thanks Rick and Dwight,

It's Nite'n'Day in the title. If I'd waited and checked the credits before posting I'd have seen the song was called ' She's Calling Me'.

Andy W gave me a copy. Not sure if Andy still checks this board. I believe he got it from an English guy he bought a Bb Charlie Ortega box from. I think the guy was the one who produced the vid, or had something to do with it.


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