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Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

Yves, great idea. Last year Savoy band was in Belguim, but unfortunately in the south, a long drive. Luckily we have the cajun company in Holland.
They had a great performance in Zevenaar (the Lantaern) a month ago.
But not much people attending, so might be difficult to contract a good band?


Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

When is the Saulieu Festival?

Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France

See link 2

Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE

Here's the schedule as my mom just sent it to me:

Magnolia Sisters en France 2007

2 juin-Espace International Cosmopolis
passage Graslin (18 Rue Scribe) Nantes,
21 heures-reservations Gerard Marc Braud
06 10 78 79 62

4 juin-Archipel
17 Blvd de Strasbourg Paris 10e

5 juin-Blue Bayou
(1er étage du Blue Billard)
111/113 rue Saint Maur, Paris 11eme
(angle de la rue St Maur et Oberkampf)
Métro : St Maur ou Parmentier
20 euros(boissons en supplément)
Soirée Louisiane
18h à 20h00, Stage de Danses Cajun et Zydeco
avec Martine et Yann Manac'h
18 à 19h : initiation aux danses Cajun,
19 à 20 h : Zydeco, Zydeco Chacha,
Whyskey River jitterbug
20h00, Plat louisianais
21h à 23 h, Concert/Bal Cajun avec
Reservations repas:01 43 55 87 21
(réservations recommandée!)

6 juin-L’Entrepot
avant le Pont de l'Amitié,
sur les Bords de Seine
30 euros (musique et repas)
10 euros (musique)
Installation aux tables : 19h15
Début de la Musique à 20h environ
Réservation 30 euros : ASSOCIATION
06 81 78 98 77 - daniel.rouiller@free.fr

Hope any/all of you can come out!

Yes, Wilson will be playing Saulieu, and I think we're going to be playing (my band) around there in August too.

Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE

Thanks, Sarah.

You should come to Holland as well.


Re: Re: Re: Magnolia Sisters in France--SCHEDULE


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