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Re: Re: Re: Re: Coach 26 question

Hi S!

If #26 is the car that was originally built by Jimmy Dunlop when he was at Edaville, I vividly remember when that car was finished. It was a really exciting event at the time, because Jimmy is such an outstanding craftsman. The thing is I don't remember an interior partition and this would lead me to believe that I may be thinking of a different car also built at Edaville, but a few years earlier.

At any rate, if I am thinking of the same car, it was built with full-length bench seats and utilized the original red velvet seat cushions from the Flying Yankee.

The only full coach at Edaville that I can recall as having an interior partition was the old P&R combine (SR&RL #15), built by Billmeyer & Small. Edaville refinished the original baggage end when they turned the car into a full coach. It was easy to tell which end was original, because the woodwork in the original passenger compartment was considerably more refined than that in the refinished baggage end. It's probably still the same way today.

I hope this is of some help.

Best Regards,