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Re: OLD Hohner 114

The value in Europe is around $250 and in the US I would rate it at 400-600 USD. You could also send it to Louisiana and have someone collect the reeds and build a real box for about $1000

Re: OLD Hohner 114

What an ******* response. More great music has been made ( by Cajuns) on Hohners than any other maker.

A "real" box. Get a life you elitist millennial Euro trash twat.

I have owned several "hand made" ( there is no other way to make an accordeon) Cajun boxes. Without exceptions they were, at best, folk art to be hung on the wall.
I own several (15) Castagnaris, look them up and check the prices, and still prefer Hohner HA 114 models for Cajun playing

Re: OLD Hohner 114

Whoa, Nelly!
Fair enough Johnny Choda, the Hohner 114 is one fine instrument. It would be nice to have it cajun tuned though.´Ive never played a Louisiana handmade so of course I might be an elitist millennial Euro trash **** without a life but also heres a few quotes from yourself

"Cajun Tuning is tuning bey a Cajun.. As a Cajun Accordeon is one made by a Cajun."
- Johnny Choda

"Gabbanelli does not make a "cajun" accordeon.
Only a Cajun can make a Cajun Accordeon"
- Johnny Choda

Re: OLD Hohner 114

You made my point, thanks.

Re: OLD Hohner 114

Man you must be drunk. Here, Ive sent you some snow over from Sweden ya ding-dong

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